Monday, January 25, 2010

FAS, ISN Has To Work On Players’ Attributes Together

BY JEREMY VENO,Easterntimes

KUCHING: A bond has to be made between the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) and the National Sports Institute (ISN) to ensure that the young state players’ physical and mental attributes are at the top of their game.

Zaki Sheikh Ahmad after putting pen to paper as the head coach to the young team got a surprise when he found out that the association is not working hand in hand with ISN. 

He noted that several of the players are clueless when it comes to their diet before matches and during half time breaks.

“What I had seen is, these players are eating four to five bananas before matches, and they even drank the isotonic drinks like plain water. All these do more bad than good on their performance on the field,” said Zaki who had observed the players attitude in the past four matches. 

Being a former assistant coach to the national team, Zaki is left with no choice but to take the leash and educate several of the players on the proper food intake, nurturing them like a father to a child.

Believing that the association should iron things out with ISN to engage a dietician and physical trainers for the development of the players, Zaki’s boys were outplayed by Harimau Muda last Friday night losing 0-1 to the much fitter boys and the lack of discipline on the state side contributed heavily to the loss.

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