Friday, September 24, 2010

FAS to organise leagues through all affiliates

KUCHING: The Sarawak FA has taken the big step of “taking football to the masses” through the organising of well-run leagues throughout all the 11 divisions in well-co-ordinated efforts to unearth cream of players in one or two years’ time.

Presently, the leagues are on the planning stage as such important steps like negotiating with sponsors are going on.

Sarawak FA (FAS) president Datu Sudarsono Osman, when contacted, said they are looking into all the details of finalising on the leagues to ensure that it is capably taken care of by the affiliates while the standard of the leagues must be maintained.

The leagues, which will be organised for the first time will be a sixmonth duration, will give special emphasis on quality teams being played as well as qualified coaches to take care of the teams participating in the leagues which also involve systematic training.

Sudarsono said there are many areas to be looked into as they are trying to build a proper structure to make sure the leagues are run properly.

“We are now at the planning stage to make sure that the affiliates can organise the league that last six months. We also insist that the organisation and other aspects of running of the league must be of a high standard as we also have to consider the sponsors.

“We do hope we can get the sponsors to support the league on a three-year period as we do not want to go through the efforts of looking for new sponsors again.

“We also have to be realistic as affililates like Sri Aman and Betong, for example, might not have enough good players to field 10 teams and may have to consider having a jointleague.

“Places like Kapit may also not have 10 teams or 10 qualified coaches to handle the teams for proper training and development.

“The first thing is development at the grassroots through impklementing the leagues on the ground and after that we will go to the other steps of development,” said Sudarsono.

The leagues which might progress to another junior leagues is aimed at getting youngsters to come out and showcase their talents and at the same time provide an avenue for the association to unearth talents.

The FAS president said after the leagues have been successfully run, with the grassroots development tackled, the next step would be either to go to the schools and conduct centralised training for a group of selected youngsters in Kuching, Sibu or Miri.

The FAS will have to sit down with the Ministry of Social Development and Urbanisation before going to the next step to further develop the talents.

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